Referral Panels

It is widely known that over 80% of referrals or people that have heard about you or your business, will first go to Google to search for you before deciding to connect. With as few clicks as possible, they want to see your credibility, experience and contact information. You may or may not have several lines of information listed on the left side of your laptop’s screen or filling your cell phone’s screen, but still they must click around to truly find you and the right info.

A Referral Panel will visually dominate search results for you on any size screen with your photo, Google Map location, website link, phone number, business hours and reviews. You can instantly give all the information needed for a referral to decide to connect. A company needs a referral panel as well as the principals or salespeople. You never know whether people will remember to search your name or the company’s name. So, have all bases covered.

Above are two examples of Google search results with Referral Panels. One is from a search for an individual. The other was for a company. The Referral Panel covers almost half the page. On an Android or iPhone, it fits perfectly on the screen. Be found easily with a Referral Panel. Contact us to learn more about Referral Panels for your business, principals or salespeople.


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