LinkedIn Optimization

When is the last time you truly spent time updating your Profile?

Do you even use LinkedIn regularly?

You truly should be using your LinkedIn often, because your potential customers do – especially B2B! They want to see your trustworthiness, experience and personality before deciding to do business with you. It is your online brochure.

+Is your Profile targeted to your best customer or is it merely your resume?
+Do you have all your contact info visible to potential customers? Is your headline more than just your job title?
+Do you have an adequate number of great recommendations for your current job?

Now with Linked recently rolling out a new format, many functions are even more difficult to find or are not accessible at your current membership level. We can help you stay informed to all the changes, whether on your Profile or in how you utilize searches to find more best customers.

Your profile needs to be written carefully with all the different best practices considered for each section. For example, is your Summary, now within the Intro Section, written in first person? Does it include searchable keywords as it describes who you are, who you work with, and what you do well in 2,000 characters or less?

Do you have an updated LinkedIn Company Page? Do you post articles on your Company page or onto your LinkedIn Timeline? These are great ways for you to gain authority in your space, gain followers and build your company reputation.  Also, each article you post in the timeline will post automatically to your Profile.

There are an incredible number of “musts” to utilize while writing your LinkedIn Profile. To many it can be daunting to make your entire LinkedIn presence as effective as possible to attract new customers. We have experts to take care of all this for you.

We also speak to groups to teach LinkedIn Profile Optimization and how to use Linkedin to search for more best customers. Contact Us for information.


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