Social Media Campaigns

Almost all of your customers and potential customers use one social channel or another. The of the rules of marketing state you should go where your customers are. Understand which channel attracts what kind of users. LinkedIn is great to reach your B2B customers while Facebook may be good for a totally different audience. Consider that Pinterest is 80% women and Twitter has a variety of researchers commonly using it.

Business people need to have professional channels on social media, usually separate from their personal channels. Post frequently on a regular basis and share news, upcoming events, educate, offer deals, highlight employees and more.

Consider Ad Campaigns to attract potential customers and capture their contact information. Campaigns can be very narrow targeted to reach your ideal customer. Facebook can be very effective for both B2B and B2C customers. LinkedIn can work to pull in your potential business customers. Everyone uses Google and so, consider Google AdWords to draw potential customers to your Website or Landing Page.  On top of all of these Campaigns, analytics provide the information on results to improve a Campaign while it runs and post campaign.

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